“One word is not enough to describe a person”.

#SayHiToDiversity Social Campaign

Appreciating the multidimensionality of each person helps to build truly inclusive workplaces – ones where we feel safe and can fulfil our potential, which also contributes to the success of the organisation.

Meet the heroes and heroines of the Campaign, and the companies where they work and can be fully themselves.

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This is what we stand for


Recognising the multidimensionality of society, but also the multidimensionality of each person’s identity. We are not homogeneous and that is beautiful.


Emphasising that not every person starts from the same position and therefore it is worth working towards levelling the playing field for those with a disadvantaged background.


Building organisations where each person feels safe, is respected and can fulfil their potential.

We often have a tendency to pigeonhole others.
How about simply asking: who are you?

Listen to what the heroes and heroines of the Campaign say about themselves.

Alisa from Deloitte

„What is diversity for me? To be different and not feel guilty about it. To be different and be happy about it.”


„You can be a gamer. It’s ok to play games. The fact that someone makes fun of you because of it, or doesn’t take you seriously, isn’t a reason to stop.”

Pierre from Phillip Morris

„There are multiple languages at my home, multinationality, multiple cultures. And when I go to the office, it’s the same. It’s very rich experience of daily life.”

Krzysztof from Work from Bed Foundation

„Just because I am a person with quadriplegic paralysis – as horrible as that sounds in general – doesn’t mean I have to sit at home, I have to be locked up and I have to lament my life. I want to show that I also look ahead and take the reins.”

Anna from Sharebee

„I feel fully myself in a company when my opinion counts, when I have a say in decisions made in the team and when I can make a difference.”

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And what does business say about it?

Ikona symbolizująca głos pracowników i zespołów

#SayHiToDiversity is also the voice of companies and their teams

Ikona symbolizująca różne oblicza różnorodności

Employees show the different faces of their diversity

Ikona symbolizująca o podniesieniu potencjału firm

They tell what their stories bring to the day-to-day running of the organisation

Building inclusive teams that value diversity not only creates comfortable workplaces but also opens up organisations to the benefits of diversity. These include:

  • access to a wider talent pool
  • more innovative and creative teams
  • greater motivation to work
  • better business decisions
  • lower staff turnover
  • lower absenteeism in teams
  • better employer reputation and image.

Learn about the practices of organisations that support diversity in their workplaces.


We are a boutique consultancy working in the field of inclusive culture building, sustainability and stakeholder relationship management. As a representative of the B CORP movement in Poland, we promote and implement good business practices – also in the field of diversity & inclusion.


We are a foundation that changes business and society for the better through a transformative approach to diversity and inclusion. We sensitise, we share knowledge, we support change. We build strategies. We create a unique community.


We are presently focussing our Inclusion & Diversity strategy on four main areas: equal opportunities for women and men, support for parents and carers, building a dialogue across generations and different employee groups.


The most important element of diversity is respect, empathy, and consideration of others, which is why at CD PROJEKT RED we strive to create a work environment where everyone can be themselves. This includes taking into account the needs of everyone, including underrepresented groups, and basing our work on acceptance and continuous growth.


At Deloitte, we know that diversity has many dimensions and that we all build an inclusive culture every day, so our initiatives are also created by our employees.


Diversity does not create hierarchies. We bring together emancipatory minority movements in an environment of excluded people.


ANG Group has been a diverse organisation since its beginning, building a workplace free from any discrimination or divisions. Since 2013, ANG Group has been a signatory to the Diversity Charter. We care about equal treatment, and strive to build an inclusive organisational culture.


The Work From Bed Foundation was founded in the name of inclusivity and diversity. For us, these values are not one of the policies currently being implemented, but underpin all of our activities. Why? Because for us, it all began with inclusivity and diversity…

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